Choose a Black Kitchen Design: From Cabinets to Countertops

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When you think of modern kitchens, what color pops in your head?

Most people would think of white as the color for kitchens. After all, white kitchens have dominated the kitchen interior design scene. A white kitchen design is clean, simple and bright. But traditional white kitchens require constant cleaning and maintenance. Anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen will stick out like a sore thumb.

So here’s a new idea for your kitchen: paint it black.

Think about it: black kitchen cabinets, black countertops, black décor finishes matched with auxiliary colors of your choice.

Is a Black Kitchen a Good Idea?

As confidence with the color black grows, decorating with this dark shade is becoming more common for more modern homes. With kitchens decked in black kitchen cabinets, black dishwashers and all things black, there’s no fear in going dark with your kitchen today. 

The look is striking and sophisticated. Using a palette of different black textures and materials achieves a light atmosphere within the space. Despite black being a dark shade, masterful use of this color can keep your kitchen from looking too heavy and dark.

By bringing in dark materials and layering the space with different textures, you can also create a feeling of warmth. If you want to add a touch of sophistication, use different tones of black or go for a black and gold kitchen. 

But if you’re new to the idea of a black kitchen or are uncomfortable with coloring your kitchen in a dark color, that’s okay. Baby steps with the black color are a good introduction. Instead of using matte black kitchen cabinets, why not try white kitchen cabinets with black hardware? Or pair your white kitchen cabinets with black countertops? 

With considerate styling and careful planning, the black kitchen design can work in both large and small layouts.

Why is Black an Ideal Color for Your Kitchen?

Black kitchen with countertops
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Black kitchen designs are sophisticated, modern and a buck against the trending white kitchens. But is this design popular just because it looks rebellious? Or does it offer more for your quality of life?

Consider black kitchen cabinets. 

Here are some benefits when you go black with these kitchen installations.

  1. Low maintenance installations

    An all-white kitchen decked with white cabinets is pretty to look at, but it can be impractical. It’s only a matter of time when marinara sauce or wine spills compromise the “pristine” look of your kitchen. Black is the most forgiving color, especially if you don’t practice habitual cleaning routines. If people come over to your home, you don’t have to scramble to scrub the cabinets or countertops. All you have to do is wipe it down.

  2. Make metallic details stand out more

    Black cabinets need somewhere to indicate how to open the drawers or cabinet doors. This means that your black kitchen cabinets should have handles and hinges that are prominent against the dark background. Black shaker cabinets with gold knobs or stainless steel pull. Many appliances are also available in black or silver, especially dishwashers, stoves and refrigerators.

  3. Two-tone kitchens with black kitchen cabinets offer design possibilities

    Two-tone kitchen cabinets have been trendy for years since they offer depth and variety to your home. The usual patterns have been cream or white cabinets on top and darker color cabinets as the base. So, white kitchen cabinets with dark counterparts are a good look. But if you want all-black kitchen cabinets as the base, any lighter color can work for the wall cabinets.

  4. Achieve that matte look with black

    A matte black kitchen cabinet is the best fit for homeowners who aren’t big fans of “shiny.” Since black absorbs the light in the room, a matte black finish cools down the room by reducing the excess light. Matte black kitchen cabinets and countertops can help you feel calm.

Black Kitchen Ideas

Black kitchen with countertops and chairs
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If you’re interested in exploring the black kitchen design concept, don’t worry. You have endless design options to consider. Mix and match the designs that you prefer or go with something in your mind. However, if you don’t know where to start, here are some black kitchen ideas you can try:

Choose Black for a Bright Kitchen Extension

Many contemporary kitchen designs incorporate skylights, folding doors or glass lantern roofs with stainless black metal framing. Don’t hesitate to go bold with your black kitchen cabinets. For example, if you have a bright white kitchen, add a touch of class by fitting it with black furniture and fittings.

Black Cabinets with Accents of Warm Tones

Spice up your kitchen by literally spicing the color tones. Add warmth to your black kitchen cabinets with spiced and earthy accent colors. From the colored glass accessories to the chairs near the countertop, using a generous amount of spiced colors gives depth to the black kitchen design.

Open-Plan Shelving Breaks Up Block Colors

Give your kitchen some space to breathe with a black kitchen color scheme that includes open shelving throughout the design. Make sure the shelves are in an accent-neutral shade to emphasize the difference. By opening up the kitchen layout, you have more space to breathe and the kitchen feels spacious. It’s also a great way to display your favorite kitchen décor.

Another way to break up the solid colors of your kitchen is by incorporating glass-fronted cabinets. Dark kitchens can feel cramped, especially if a limited amount of light enters the room. Another way to prevent this is to use glass cabinets or open shelving instead of wall cabinets. Plus, glass doors can show off your favorite glassware.

Finish the Space with Brass Fittings and Fixtures

Gold kitchen and burnished brass kitchen fixtures are wonderful additions to dark kitchen designs. The warming qualities of these materials give your kitchen a sophisticated finish. Go for brass taps, knobs or even lighting. A running metallic finish can give your black kitchen an overall luxurious and sophisticated look.

Cap It Off with Black Appliances

Your worktops, paint and cabinets aren’t the only things that you need to consider in the kitchen (in terms of color, of course). Complete your black kitchen with appliances, which are also available in seamless black designs.

Black will never clash with any color you choose for your kitchen. As long as you execute the colors properly, you can always bet on black.

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