Baby Girl Room Ideas to Welcome Your Little Girl to the World

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Congratulations, you’re having a girl!

As you wait for your bun in the oven to pop, it’s natural to prepare for your baby girl’s arrival. One of the tasks most mommies-to-be do is prepare the nursery, which starts with an internet search for baby girl room ideas. 

If you have always dreamed of having a little girl, decorating the nursery is an exciting task, which you can easily go overboard with — especially if you can’t get enough of the bows, laces and frills. Regardless of the design you want for your baby girl’s room décor, decorating a balanced room often requires restraint.

The internet has thousands of baby girl room ideas. It’s easy to “go crazy” or be overwhelmed with the endless layers, prints, decorative pieces and colors. But before you go and buy all the frilly, princess-y and pink stuff, pause for a second and plan.

What Furniture Do You Need in a Nursery?

You want your baby girl’s room to have all of the essentials. However, you don’t want to overcrowd their room with unnecessary items. But with many nursery ideas for girls, it can be difficult to know what you need and what you don’t. Plus, there are many baby items available.

To narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of essential furniture pieces that you should get first.

Crib or Cot

Baby inside a crib

The most obvious piece of must-have baby furniture is the crib. Some parents prefer to start with a bedside crib or a Moses basket for their little one. However, you’ll eventually need a crib. The cot/crib becomes the center of your baby girl’s nursery, so make sure to invest in a good crib that’s sturdy but suits the décor of your baby girl’s nursery.


You’ll need a space to store all of the cute clothes you buy for your baby. Your next must-have piece of baby furniture is a wardrobe or a chest of drawers. When browsing for furniture, you’ll find different designs to choose from, as well as brands that offer wardrobes of all sizes.  

Changing Table

A changing table is a must-have for your daily diaper duties. These days, you can shop for sturdy changing tables that double up as a wardrobe, so you’ll have convenient storage, too. If you don’t have enough space, shop for smaller units that take up less room.

Storage Solutions

Make sure you have plenty of storage in your baby girl’s nursery. Many new parents want to keep their nursery tidy, so you’ll need a variety of boxes or storage solutions for the room.

How to Decorate a Room for Your Baby Girl

One of the easiest places to start when it comes to decorating your baby girl’s nursery is the color. Your baby girl’s room décor can use color as an inspiration. Here are some nursery ideas for girls based on colors.

Pink Baby Girl Room IdeasPink baby room with crib

Pink is often associated with the birth of a baby girl. It can be a stereotype, but admit it: pink is an irresistible color, especially when it comes to decorating a girl’s nursery.

  • Furniture

    White always goes well with pink, so pick out white furniture for your nursery. If you don’t want your furniture to look dirty, go for off-white or grey furniture. Add pink details like cloth banners or bows to match the theme.

  • Wall paint

    Decide on the shade of pink you want (magenta, dark pink, pastel or peach). You can also choose auxiliary colors like citrus orange, navy blue or teal blue. These colors should complement the pink color.

  • Décor

    When it comes to the décor, pick an auxiliary color for a fresher look. Go bold!

  • Pink containers can hold items for daily use (e.g. cream, diapers, body lotion and towels). Pink soft toys also work.

Purple Baby Girl Room Ideas

If you’re not a fan of pink but like its aesthetic, go for purple! Create a royal or dreamy baby girl nursery with this color.

  • Furniture

    Make the room look tasteful by covering two of the room’s four parts in purple. If your wall’s paint is purple, the furniture should be in light colors, such as pastels or white.

  • Wall paint

    Be careful when shopping for purple paint colors since this shade can look darker once you’ve applied it on the wall. Play it safe by going with lighter shades like lilac and lavender. Alternate the purple color with neutral shades. For example, if the wall is purple, your window panes and ceiling should be white or another neutral color.

  • Décor

    Choose light-colored curtains that match the walls and protects your baby from the sun (while letting a healthy amount in). Add a rug to the floor.

  • Storage

    Place clothes or toys in the corner wardrobe. Place a purple flower pot by the window.

Mint Green Baby Girl Room Ideas

Mint green is a calming and charming color for your baby girl’s room.

  • Furniture

    If your walls are mint green, go with off-white or classic white furniture. If you want to be fancy, shop for furniture with gold detailing. Bright-colored furniture also goes well with mint green.

  • Wall paint

    Mint green is a soothing wall color. Create a more relaxing environment for your baby by combining mint green with blue hues.

  • Décor

    If you want to add a splash of color, pair the mint green walls with bright-colored décor.

  • Go with gold accessories like gold lampshades, shimmery photo frames and more.

How Do You Do a Nursery on a Budget?

  1. Buy secondhand

    Not everything in your baby girl’s room has to be new. Certain items — like the rocking chair or glider — can be bought in secondhand condition at garage sales or thrift stores.

  2. Shop for long-term pieces

    Instead of choosing furniture that looks like it’s made for a nursery, shop for pieces that will grow with your baby. Avoid buying pieces with cutesy patterns and go for timeless picks.

  3. Choose low-cost storage

    Complete the look of the room with decorative baskets that can line the shelves or you can leave on the floor.

Prepare for your baby girl’s arrival by preparing for the nursery. 

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