How to Add Unique Home Features to Your House

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Now that 2024 has arrived, are you ready to revamp your home in style? Luckily. There are countless ways that you can add unique home features to your space that can suit your personality and style. Use this list as a handy guide to create the home of your dreams and that might be the envy of others.

Create Custom Signs

If you think that custom signs are only for commercial businesses, you couldn’t be more wrong. No rule says homeowners can’t use signs on their private property. Sure, you could hire a sign service to create a verbiage that says “get out” or “stay off the grass”. However, there’s way more fun to be had when it comes to adding unique home features to your space.

Do you have some funny slogans in your head? Do you need to give directives in your home that you’re tired of saying out loud all the time? Why not enlist a sign service to design and print out those signs for you? You could put custom signs anywhere in your home. Speaking of directives, are you tired of telling people to put the toilet seat down or use an air freshener after they’re finished in the bathroom? You can create and post small custom signs that will remind them to do so.

As you create your signs, you can start with a welcome one for your front door or entry parlor. Are you inspired by various motivational quotes? Why not have a constant reminder of them in your office, kitchen, bedrooms, and so on? Are you proud of your family name? Well, you can always display it anywhere in or outside your home, so visitors always know whose home they’re in.

If you’re a fan of vintage art and signs, what better way to express your hobby than visiting antique sign sellers? Instead of creating your own signage, you can collect those beautiful custom signs from the 1950s and 70s. Collectible signs were often made of tin, wood, and other metals. Many signs were used at gas stations, on freeways, and diners. These days, many antique signs are so valuable, they can go for thousands of dollars on the resale market. So by adding these antique signs to your home, you may also be adding to your estate portfolio.

Remodel Your Living Room

The living room is often the focal point of a home besides the kitchen. After all, it’s usually the room where families and friends gather together to chat, watch a movie, or have a party. You can start remodeling your living room by tackling your fireplace area. Now that winter is here, you’re likely using your fireplace more than ever, especially as more storms set in. You can tackle that remodeling project by updating your mantle over the fireplace. A mantel can come in stone, wood, or a combination of materials. Or you can keep the same mantle you have but update it with decorations. Use it for a make-shelf, bookcase, or a way to display some of your small art collectibles. You can also use it to display candles, family photos, and ornaments.

If your existing fireplace is beginning to look worn down, you can call masonry repair professionals to update it. What if you’ve always dreamt of having a fireplace, but you don’t have a chimney? You can have the same effect by installing an electric one. The benefit of an electric fireplace is you can place it anywhere in your living room. With an electric fireplace, you also won’t have to worry about smoke inhalation or soot buildup. However, sitting in front of your electric fireplace can be just as cozy and soothing on a cold winter night.

Are you not sure how to go about your living room renovation? You can always hire a general contractor for assistance. Remember, these professionals help people renovate their homes every day. Even if you don’t have a chimney now, they may assess your home and see if it’s possible to install one. They can also give you different insights, such as ways that you can open up your living room if it’s feeling closed in. One of the best ways to create a feeling of openness in your living room or any other room is through paint.

Update Your Interior Walls

When was the last time you had interior paint work done? Has it been two years, five years, or 10 years? Do you remember the original color on your walls or is it hard to tell because it’s faded so badly? Luckily, interior paintwork is one of the easiest, most cost-effective, and most valuable home upgrades you can do. According to Bob Villa, new interior paint can produce an ROI as high as 107%!

It’s time to add unique home features. What better way to do so than with a bold accent wall right in your living room? If you enjoy bright colors like hot pink, neon green Reds, and oranges, you might be afraid to use them to cover your entire wall. You can always create a unique and modern look by way of accent painting.If you hire the right interior painters, they may even produce decals and other designs in various locations to your liking.

Add a Cozy Outdoor Patio

There’s nothing like an interior outdoor living space. There’s a reason why patios and decks are more popular than ever. After all, these outdoor features make it easier to connect with nature and enjoy the benefits that it brings. There are many possibilities to enhance the appearance of your patio. Just like with interior painting, you can make your outdoor space look unique with the right exterior colors. With your patio, there are ways to enhance it with unique home features such as a pergola.

When it comes to unique home features, you can’t go wrong with a louvered pergola. This type of pergola has adjustable slats which you can open and close. You can use a smartphone app or remote to control the slots. We’re on. The benefit of having this type of unique feature on your patio is it can protect that space from snow, sun damage, and rain. So if you have beautiful, valuable furniture outside, you can ensure that it’s not damaged by the elements with the use of these slants.

Build a Privacy Fence

You may think there’s nothing unique about a fence, but you couldn’t be more wrong. People may wrongly associate residential fences with plain white picket fences. However, you can have a wood fence, cast iron fence, or durable vinyl. Fences can also come in metal ranging from solid cast iron to chain links. Fences serve many purposes, ranging from keeping out hungry animals like deer from your garden to adding more privacy.

You can build a privacy fence anywhere around your property. This type of fence works wonders when it comes to increasing your home value and curb appeal. After all, if a potential buyer were to approach your home, they wouldn’t have to worry about installing a fence if you’ve already done so. One of the most popular and durable materials for privacy fences is wood. You can use cedar lumber to build a wood fence that has a natural beauty and resistance to insects and decay. Just because such a fence is made of wood doesn’t mean it has to be boring. After all, you can have professional fencers or exterior painters enhance your wood. Fence by way of colorful stains and paint. Your fence can easily match the overall color scheme of your home, or completely contrast against it with a bold color. In other words, when looking for unique home features that also can protect and secure your home, there’s no better way to do so than with custom fencing.

Design Unique Landscaping

You could be surprised at the unique home features your local landscaping company can add to your property. After all, landscapers do so much more than mow the grass and pull weeds. In addition to making your soil and grass healthy, they understand ways to make it more beautiful and cut it in a certain pattern. For example, even when they’re mowing your lawn, they can create intricate patterns that you would find hard to do without training.

These professionals also can help speed up your gardening. They can plant trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants. So if you’ve always dreamt of having a beautiful rose garden, but don’t have a green thumb yet, landscapers can assist you in planting one in strategic areas. Whether you want each tree, shrub, or flower bed installed, your landscaping company can do so for you. Regardless of how many other beautiful lawns are in your neighborhood, they know what it takes to make yours stand out.

When it comes to unique home features, they don’t just stop at your vegetation. Some landscapers also have hardscaping capabilities. If you enjoy the tranquility and pleasure that water brings, you can let these professionals install water features in your backyard. So even if you don’t have a swimming pool, you can enjoy a water fountain that birds can drink from and fish can swim in.

Construct a Pathway

While you may know your way around your property, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a set pathway to follow. A solid pathway is a beautiful way to add unique home features that others will be impressed by. You can create a pathway that goes from your front door all the way to your backyard. If you have a large backspace then you can have separate paths that lead to different areas. For example, if you have a patio, guesthouse, and a greenhouse, you can have different pathways that trail all the way to those spaces. A pathway can create a welcoming and inviting impression for your guests and visitors. It can also make it easier and safer to walk around your property.

There are many materials that hardscapes can use to create the pathway of your desire. If you want an elegant look, they can use brick. For a more sleek pathway, concrete is useful. But if you want something more natural and rustic, stones come in handy. And of course, landscapers can further enhance these pathways with flower beds and other strategically planted shrubs. Your local masonry company understands the best ways to add a pathway that can enhance the look and feel of your home.

Create a Custom Kitchen Backsplash

You’ve probably seen more designer kitchen backsplashes than ever before. After all, the backsplash is no longer the forgotten part above your stove that is just there to catch grease and other splashes. Your backsplash is just as important a part of your kitchen renovation as any other element. Whether you use porcelain tile, tin, custom-painted tiles, or copper, you can add unique home features with this design. Kitchen remodeling is still the top choice with home renovation, so you have more options for backsplashes than ever. You can always have fun and create and paint your own colorful tiles that kitchen renovators can install for you. Or you can have fun with different types of metals like tin and copper. Gold has also seen its way into more kitchen spaces, and you may also be able to incorporate that into the right backsplash. Depending on the design of your kitchen countertop. Stone can also be cut to add to your backsplash for an even more elegant effect and home value.

As you can see, adding unique home features has never been more fun and endearing. You can add unique features in so many ways on the inside or the exterior of your home. From custom signage to metal backsplashes to designer landscapes and pergolas, have fun creating a unique home that you’ll love to share with family and friends. Hopefully, this fun guide will help set you on a path to enjoy the unique home features that are available to you. Have fun in 2024

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