Bedroom Décor: A Guide to Help Couples NOT Argue Over It

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The bedroom is a special place for rest, relaxation and intimacy for couples. This is your place away from the noise of real life — it’s just you and your partner. But with the addition of another person in the room comes another consideration: how can you make this place cozier and homier for the BOTH of you?

Bedroom decoration can be an easy task when no one has powerful feelings about the bedroom’s décor. But what happens when both parties clash in terms of style preferences?

Here’s how you can come up with the perfect bedroom design compromises with your significant other.

Bedroom Ideas for Couples

When You Want to be More Creative

So you want your bedroom to look gender-neutral but still want to give space to specific personalities and characters. It’s time to think creatively.

You can’t go wrong with an accent wall. It’s easy to merge and execute with a room’s existing décor, even if you change the room’s vibes. For instance, if you want to achieve a tropical paradise feel, a printed wallpaper and complementing décor can bring you to the beach, even if you’re just staying at home.

In terms of style, your options are endless. Stylish designs for couple bedrooms range from boho to traditional and from maximalism to minimalism. Regardless of their design differences, however, the best bedrooms have four essential qualities: free from clutter, feel good, boast of a personalized flair and have some eye-catching pieces.

When Your Bedroom is Small

Tiny rooms don’t always allow a lot of room for creativity in terms of decorating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t test your limits.

With a few bedroom design essentials, you can transform any room no matter what the size is. If your bedroom is small, minimum furniture dresses the walls. You can also try other chic ideas like paneling or 3D wallpapers. An accent central lighting fixture and complementing art can add life to any small bedroom.

When You Want a More Romantic Feel for Your BedroomDelighted couple lying on bed in cozy bedroom and cuddling

What if you want to add a more sensual touch to your bedroom?

While there’s no concrete answer to how you can create a romantic feel in the bedroom, approach the project psychologically. Prioritize warmth and coziness! Think textures — fluffy, thick and soft. Also, when it comes to being romantic, fireplaces are often perceived as romantic, whether you install a traditional one or an electric fireplace.

When You Want a Cute Bedroom

Waking up in a cheerful atmosphere is one of the best ways to start your day. Make your room cute by going for a monochrome couple’s bedroom décor. This décor livens up the room with vibrant prints, paintings and other mood-boosting details. Whimsical curtains, cushions or sheets are also part of the cute game.

When You’re on a Budget

Splurging isn’t always an option when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Some couples work on a tight budget. But that doesn’t mean decorating your bedroom is no longer an option. All you have to do is focus on your priorities and plan ahead.

Start by finding a solid bed frame that is sturdy and suits the taste of you and your significant other. Next, enhance the look with some accent details. Finally, give a strong character to your space by choosing a bold statement color.

Decorating Ideas for Couples Who Just Can’t Decide

Arranged White Bedspread Inside Room

So, you might have agreed on a style, but you and your significant other still can’t decide how to jointly decorate your room. What items do you get to keep? Which items should you remove to your online cart?

Concerning the Items Inside the Room

Do you need to keep a dresser? Why not keep everything in place with a walk-in closet? If your room can accommodate a walk-in closet, you can both keep as much wardrobe without cramming stuff inside of a shared closet.

When it comes to décor, candles, photo frames and other small accessories are always welcome. But if you want to save space, replace the headboard with an attractive wall alcove, which lets you keep books and other small items at the reach of hand without cluttering the room.

Best Colors for Your Room

Tranquil neutrals create a light atmosphere, as well as a convenient background for more vibrant details. If you want a calmer look, paint the room blue and green. If you wish to be more traditional, go with pastels. But don’t hesitate to include bold shades.

The bedroom is a safe place for couples. Make it cozy and comfortable for both of you by following the suggestions above.

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