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SheKnows: Mixing Metallics ….

I find that folks are fearful of a lot of things in design – color, pattern, texture and the list goes on and on.  But I am about to say something here that may get me in trouble but people…… IT’S DESIGN. There is seriously nothing to be afraid of….no one has died from the […]

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Making My Bed On SheKnows.com …


I don’t make my bed every morning.  I didn’t do it as a kid and I don’t do it as an adult.  Rolling out of bed is hard enough for me without thinking about making my bed afterwards.  Here is a little known fact about me:  I am tremendously lazy when it comes to house […]

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Thanksgiving Help from SheKnows.com & Joyus.com

Can you believe that this time next week that it will be Thanksgiving?!? Kinda crazy right? Well don’t stress out because I teamed up with two different partners to show you how to avoid the Thanksgiving “craziness” …….. The online retailer Joyus.com invited me onto their web talk show to discuss my short cuts and […]

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Weekend Reading…..


If you have some free time this weekend and want a healthy dose of design, check out some of the articles I have written this month as well as one I was featured in…… I remember my first apartment. It was in the basement of a very lovely home in the Tenleytown neighborhood of Washington, […]

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Fall Organizing With SheKnows.com ….

One of the strongest impressions I have growing up with siblings were their Legos. They were EVERYWHERE it seemed…..the stairs, the dining table, under the couch, simply where ever you looked you were bound to find a Lego. I thought of them as a child’s version of a land mind….I still have the indentation on […]

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Design Is All About Space Planning……

You will hear time and time again that in design, the devil is in the details and that is true. However, I think the sin in design is not planning properly. Yes, it’s great to goo buy that table you have been coveting for months but it also kinda blows when said table can’t fit […]

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Mother’s Day Tablescape & One More Announcement…..

So the big news……. I’m Pregnant! NOT! And should you ever hear someone say that I was, you should seriously question their sanity or their grasp of basic biology and reproduction. Actually the news is sorta like giving birth but in a creative sense. A few months ago the kind people at SheKnows.com got this […]

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