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Motivational Mondays: Hard Work …


The last month, I have pushed myself to a limit that I didn’t know I possessed.  I have dug deep.  Worked hard.  Plumbed to new depth of professional and personal growth.  It is emotionally gratifying to see that my work is officially paying off, that people I admire see me as a peer and clients […]

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Motivational Mondays: Choice ….


Over the last few weeks I have had some tough choices to make professionally and personally.  This blog is no stranger when it comes to talking growth and the discomfort that normally accompanies such transformations.  However, last week added a new dimension to the puzzle that I call my life.  I was faced with a […]

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Motivational Monday: Giving Back


The above pic is Oakland. It’s where I live. Here is a little story on how I came to be an “East Bayer”. You see buying real estate in the Bay Area is sorta like buying Berkshire Hathaway stocks – you spend alot to get very little but what you do own is worth its […]

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Motivational Mondays: Autumn ….


I think it’s true that you always want what you don’t or can’t have. For me, that is a true Fall season. Living in California has a multitude of perks but true, distinct seasons is not one of them. Yes, it’s 70 degrees in October and we only get one real rainy month, but I […]

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Motivational Mondays: Taking a Nap …..


I know…I know. Everyone says that you need to battle through the jet lag but Poppa is tired and needs a nap (and a shower)! But I have stories and so many goodies to share that I am just bursting from my time at the London Design Festival! I promise, it will be worth the […]

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Motivational Monday: Brand Awareness…

This week I am in Seattle participating in a workshop with friend and talented lifestyle expert Kelley Moore on how to extend your brand to television and print. I have been thinking for a while about the blog and the business trying to figure out exactly what they represent. What is it about the blog […]

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Thank You……

I think the above quote really explains perfectly the last 72 hours. To give a brief refresher, the team over at Modenus gave five bloggers the opportunity of a lifetime. Simply put, we were given 36 hours to garner as many votes as possible to win a week-long trip to the UK to attend the […]

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Motivational Monday: Looking Back……

July is the anniversary of me starting my design business. Mind you, I didn’t get my first client until several months later, but July was the month that I told myself I was going to “do it” and hang my shingle for the world to see. Since then I have made mistakes, hit roadblocks and […]

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Motivational Mondays: Multitasking ……

I have tried for a very long time to fool myself into thinking I was a good at multitasking. I have done the eat lunch, take a call, write an email trifecta. And guess what, I suck at it. Those experiences leave me frazzled and worse for wear which means I typically need to take […]

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