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Motivational Monday: Coming Clean …


I initially started Motivational Mondays as a simple way to ease into the week on the blog.  However, since launching the new blog I have struggled with what to write on Mondays.  And then it struck me that I missed Motivational Mondays because it gave me a way to synthesize what was happening in my […]

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Motivational Monday: Holidays

It’s the beginning of December and I can feel the “bah hum bugs” starting to erupt. One of the things about being the occasional stylist is that I find myself more often than not thinking about holidays several weeks if not months before they actually start. Christmas planning started in September and decorating commenced in […]

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Motivational Mondays: Discipline …


Through high school and college, I was the master of discipline. Up at 8am, class, work and an hour of fun with friends before hitting the books until 2am. Rinse and repeat. Upon graduation, I lost all that ….partly because I was adrift without a focus and partly because I was tired. The majority of […]

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Motivational Monday: Brand Awareness…

This week I am in Seattle participating in a workshop with friend and talented lifestyle expert Kelley Moore on how to extend your brand to television and print. I have been thinking for a while about the blog and the business trying to figure out exactly what they represent. What is it about the blog […]

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Motivational Mondays: Giving Your All…..

There are mornings where all I want to do is hide in bed. There are days where it seems I am devoid of any creative motivation. There are weeks when I ponder why am I putting myself through the paces. But I do it. I suck it up, put my on my big boy drawers […]

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