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Motivational Monday: Giving Back


The above pic is Oakland. It’s where I live. Here is a little story on how I came to be an “East Bayer”. You see buying real estate in the Bay Area is sorta like buying Berkshire Hathaway stocks – you spend alot to get very little but what you do own is worth its […]

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Motivational Mondays: Discipline …


Through high school and college, I was the master of discipline. Up at 8am, class, work and an hour of fun with friends before hitting the books until 2am. Rinse and repeat. Upon graduation, I lost all that ….partly because I was adrift without a focus and partly because I was tired. The majority of […]

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Motivational Mondays: Be Present ….


I have glitter in places that I haven’t had since 1997 when I was wearing Adidas track pants, shiny muscle tees and twirling glow sticks at some all night rave. No, I am not trying to relive my youth (my liver thanks me) but am elbow deep in a holiday decorating project to be shot […]

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Motivational Mondays: Autumn ….


I think it’s true that you always want what you don’t or can’t have. For me, that is a true Fall season. Living in California has a multitude of perks but true, distinct seasons is not one of them. Yes, it’s 70 degrees in October and we only get one real rainy month, but I […]

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Motivational Mondays: Taking a Nap …..


I know…I know. Everyone says that you need to battle through the jet lag but Poppa is tired and needs a nap (and a shower)! But I have stories and so many goodies to share that I am just bursting from my time at the London Design Festival! I promise, it will be worth the […]

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Motivational Monday: Brand Awareness…

This week I am in Seattle participating in a workshop with friend and talented lifestyle expert Kelley Moore on how to extend your brand to television and print. I have been thinking for a while about the blog and the business trying to figure out exactly what they represent. What is it about the blog […]

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Thank You……

I think the above quote really explains perfectly the last 72 hours. To give a brief refresher, the team over at Modenus gave five bloggers the opportunity of a lifetime. Simply put, we were given 36 hours to garner as many votes as possible to win a week-long trip to the UK to attend the […]

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Motivational Mondays: Handling Frustration …..

Some people hate Mondays. I hate Sundays. They fill me with angst because I know Sunday night when I open my email box to see what my week ahead holds, I am typically greeted with at least one problem/issue/compliant from a particular client. Regardless of what I have done, it isn’t quite right. Whatever piece […]

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Motivational Monday: Looking Back……

July is the anniversary of me starting my design business. Mind you, I didn’t get my first client until several months later, but July was the month that I told myself I was going to “do it” and hang my shingle for the world to see. Since then I have made mistakes, hit roadblocks and […]

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