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Motivational Monday: Holiday Cheer


I was talking with a few friends and they all agree that for some reason Christmas this year just does not “feel” typical. It’s like putting on your favorite cashmere sweater only to find out that it’s too small, itchy & uncomfortable. Something seems to be off and I am determined to figure out what […]

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Motivational Monday: Holidays

It’s the beginning of December and I can feel the “bah hum bugs” starting to erupt. One of the things about being the occasional stylist is that I find myself more often than not thinking about holidays several weeks if not months before they actually start. Christmas planning started in September and decorating commenced in […]

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Motivational Monday: Getting Clients To Share

Whether you are an architect or a designer, I think the above quote speaks volumes to what I do…. I pitched a project to a client last week and got the feedback that the design “didn’t quite feel like him,’ which didn’t strike me as shocking. The pitch was based on what I thought was […]

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Motivational Monday: Power of “No”

I was uncomfortable. It’s always awkward to write the professional equivalent of a “Dear John” letter…. Thank you so much for your inquiry. After reviewing your design needs, I believe our firm is not a good fit for the services you desire….. Holy Scooby snacks Velma, did I really say “no” to a prospective client […]

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Motivational Mondays: Envy …


The green-eyed monster bit me hard last week. I like to think of myself as a champion for my friends and colleagues but for some reason last week each accolade someone else received seemed like a ding against me. It was uncomfortable, not productive and frankly I didn’t like myself very much. For reasons I […]

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Motivational Mondays: In the Moment …

Ahhh. Hawaii was amazing but for reasons I didn’t quite appreciate until AFTER I got home. We arrived on Maui and it was an instantly flurry of activities from the wedding to hikes to catching up with friends. All of which left me tired, irritable and sunburned (yuppers, I got a nasty ol’ sunburn on […]

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Hawaii Bound …..

6 pairs of swim trunks? Seriously, why did I pack 6 pairs of swim trucks? It seemed logical at the time and a sound decision. But then packing in a frenzy always leads to poor planning on my part. But nonetheless, I am off to Hawaii for the week and I am praying it will […]

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Motivational Mondays: Tiredness…..

Part of me wants to crawl back to bed and pray for a non-damaging, non-deadly natural disaster so I can extend my weekend by a day. I was lucky enough to have dear friends from France visit for the weekend as part of their yearly West Coast road trip. We spent the weekend tasting spirits […]

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Motivational Mondays: Maintaining Your Inner Child….

I have a job that requires me to color, draw and daydream. I get to sketch out the wildest ideas I can conjure up, wash them in any color of the rainbow and present them to people who pay me money. Essentially my work is child’s play and last week I had a terrible time […]

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