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Motivational Monday: Holiday Cheer


I was talking with a few friends and they all agree that for some reason Christmas this year just does not “feel” typical. It’s like putting on your favorite cashmere sweater only to find out that it’s too small, itchy & uncomfortable. Something seems to be off and I am determined to figure out what […]

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Christmas Play List


I have a horrible, dark secret to share….. I am not a fan of Christmas music. I spent my fair share of holidays working retail in my younger days. When you are subjected to holiday music starting in October that is on repeat from anywhere to 4 to 12 hours at a time, you start […]

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Decorating for Christmas with SheKnows.com


I know I am a lucky boy to have a garage (aka ample storage) in the city. Walls lined with shelving is what helps me to keep my hoarding…errr collecting tendencies in check. It also allows me to keep a nice little stash of holiday and other seasonal decor at my finger tips. However, what […]

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Men’s Style: The Tux …

Contrary to popular belief, my dance card is not that full. Sure I get my fair share of invites but I am by any standard a social butterfly. So it strikes me as odd that I have three different tuxedos in my closet. I will let that sink in for a moment… Three. Who in […]

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Thanksgiving Help from SheKnows.com & Joyus.com

Can you believe that this time next week that it will be Thanksgiving?!? Kinda crazy right? Well don’t stress out because I teamed up with two different partners to show you how to avoid the Thanksgiving “craziness” …….. The online retailer Joyus.com invited me onto their web talk show to discuss my short cuts and […]

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Motivational Mondays: Valentine’s Day “Tablescape”….

One of my favorite times of day is that hazy, peaceful moment between awake and slumber. You are zen. Your mind is calm. The world is quiet. It is during those times where I roll over and look at my Partner’s face, so sweet and peaceful as he sleeps, that I am filled with gratitude […]

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Holiday Snapshots…..

Thanks to copious amounts of eggnog, champagne and mulled wine I have found my holiday spirit or your inner drunkard…..but regardless I am officially relaxing to enjoy the holiday season. As I settled into my holiday buzz, I realized that somewhere in my “holidaze” I never posted pics of this year’s holiday decorations. So I […]

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