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Guess Who is Teaching An Interior Styling Class …


I am so excited to have partnered up with Handcraft Studio School to teach an interior styling course called “It’s All In the Details“.  Leading a course on this topic has been something I have mulled over the last year or so simply because so many of my clients have asked for this specific type […]

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Decluttering with Joyus.com & People Style Watch…

This week I had the opportunity to team up with Joyus.com, People Style Watch and AOL to give tips and advice on how to kick clutter to the curb via a Google+ Chat. If you missed the live telecast, you can watch the chat by clicking HERE… It was tons of fun and I give […]

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Men’s Style: Out & About In Winter White


I think one of the reasons I have had such a hard time getting into the holiday spirit is because I have not been dressing the part. It’s hard to be full of Christmas cheer when you are sweating in short sleeves and flip flops. The mild climate is one of the many wonderful things […]

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The Coldest Winter I Have Ever Spent …..

Only in the Bay Area can folks experience seasonal affect disorder during the Summer. Locals have affectionately nicknamed the proverbial fog layer that envelopes the city, “Karl”. Why Karl? I don’t know but it kinda fits the moody, lumbering way that the fog tends to roll over the hills and into neighborhoods. Occasionally, Karl will […]

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