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Libation Celebration: Pink Heat …


The last seven days have firmly placed me on my butt.  From personal grief to work woes to friends in turmoil, everything has hit at once and I can say without a doubt that I need a drink.  Actually for my friends in Detroit and in Atlanta, that would be a drank…. Fortunately, I have […]

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Libation Celebration: Ambrosia


For the final installment of Libation Celebration, we turn our focus to New Years Eve. Once again, I turned to our resident mixologist Ronaldo of the Ivy Room for guidance. I asked Ronaldo for a drink that was a bit lux. I don’t know why but New Year parties just feel like they should be […]

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Libation Celebration: The Roxy


I am adventurous in many aspects of my life (or so I like to think). For example, I have no problem buying produce at the grocery simply because it looked “interesting” and then figuring out how to cook it later. However, when it comes to cocktails, buying liquors, spirits and mixers that I am not […]

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Libation Celebration: The Pink Crane

I love a signature cocktail at parties. It’s a great way to minimize expense and remove one more thing from the shoulders of the host. So I asked an experienced and a budding mixologist to create a set of drinks that they think could put anyone into the holiday spirit. Up first is my friend […]

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