Style Council 2014: Monogram Decor

In June 2010, just one year after Courtney Lake launched his home interiors blog, Courtney Out Loud, celebrity designer Nate Berkus asked him to appear on his (now-defunct) television talk show. Martha Stewart followed suit with another hangout request. Suddenly, Lake, a Stanford alum, found himself in an industry that, he says, “black boys from Detroit would never dream of being part of.” Though the 38-year-old is on the brink of stardom, his ego shows no signs of inflation. Lake defuses crises with doses of reality (“There has never been an armoire apocalypse”), and his stories are always pleasantly self-deprecating—he candidly recounts the time he strayed from the pack while marching in his first Pride parade and wandered the city aimlessly, attired in nothing more than skimpy, chafing overalls. (Now he wanders the city in much chicer Sandro shirts and Antonio Luna jackets.) Lake, who opened his design studio, Monogram Décor, in January, is the go-to interioristo for the One Hawthorne condo complex, HD Buttercup, and Home Depot. A TV deal seems imminent, but in the meantime, he’s on track to start production on a wallpaper line, which features tribal and midcentury patterns, this fall.


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