Escape to Mare Island


“They were part of the military and traveled the world. Now he’s retired young and they are setting up home. They wanted a place where they could enjoy the water, enjoy Wine Country, have a backyard for their kids,” interior designer Courtney Lake describes the client for his recent project on Mare Island, CA. Walking through the space, you can sense how every detail of the house is carefully planned for a family, but this lovely family won’t ever move in.

Courtney’s real client isn’t a young, military family; instead it’s Blu Homes, a company that builds custom, pre-fab homes. The Mare Island ‘home’ is their first Designer Center, one of four projects that Courtney is designing or Blu. The Design Center is located a mile from the Blu Home Factory, itself a converted submarine hanger, where Blu’s homes are first constructed over the course of six weeks, then folded together to be shipped around the country.


escape to mare island - rue mag 2014

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