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The last few weeks have found my scrambling for time.  I have been snatching minutes from everywhere I can to get work done.  Sadly this has meant some less than stellar lunch and dinner choices on my part.  I am still ashamed that I had cereal for an entire day while working on a deadline.  Let’s just say that was the bottom of the  barrel for me, so I started looking for other options that wouldn’t leave me ashamed and running through a quart of milk.  Fortunately, my best friend J told me about a food delivery service that guaranteed fresh, tasty food delivered to your door in 1o minutes…..for $8 bucks.


Intrigued, I did some research and discovered SpoonRocket.com and signed up for the service.  That was three months ago and I have become a bit of an addict.  So much so that I stalked the company and forced them to give me an interview!


Full disclosure – my household is addicted to your service!  How did the concept for SpoonRocket develop?

SpoonRocket was bred out of the initial platform of food delivery service under the name Late Night Option. We delivered less-than healthy foods – anything from bacon-wrapped hash browns to deep fried Oreos. Our customers loved the stuff, especially at 4am after a long night of social engagement but we didn’t love what we were providing to the people. Our founders, Anson Tsui and Steven Hsaio are healthy eaters and there was disconnect they wanted to solve. After researching how to source local ingredients, create sustainability and experiment with creative dishes, SpoonRocket was born – a fast and convenient option for healthy, hearty dishes that would still satisfy our customers. We got accepted into Y Combinator and are now backed by some of the top names in the valley! That is our story and we’re stickin’ to it!

monogram-decor-courtney-lake-interiors-spoonrocket-squashGriddle Cakes

You pride yourself on being able to deliver your product in less than 10 minutes most times.  How is that possible?  Are you using the Amazon.com drones?

Amazon actually got its drone idea from us! We have drivers that are all over our three delivery areas as soon as we open. I think what is most fascinating about our company is the way that we have been able to cross into the technology sector and utilize those skills to provide the best that we can within the food sector. Our drivers, dispatchers and programmers are working closely together to ensure the fastest route to the delivery and avoid any overlap or unnecessary time delays!


East Bay Pride!!!  With Silicon Valley and San Francisco in your backyard why choose Oakland to test your concept?  What are your plans for rolling out your service to a larger audience?’

We started here at home, right in Berkeley. Oakland is our next-door neighbor so it seemed only right to share with those closest to us! For us, it is all about high-density. We want to be able to reach as many people as we can! We actually just expanded to the City and Silicon Valley however, being that we are a young startup we wanted to go about our expansion as tactfully and concise as possible.  We are very excited to get into the larger Bay Area market!


If you ever need a taste tester, let me know!  But seriously, how do you come up with the menus?  What dishes have you found are the most popular with your users?  Are there any dishes that just didn’t catch fire?

Our Chef, David Kramer meets each week with his core team of chefs and our founder, Steven Hsaio to create our dishes for the week. Chef Kramer is inspired by his cookbooks, customer feedback, the creative minds of his cohorts and what is happening within the restaurant realm. He chooses dishes that are culturally stimulating, appealing to a large audience and what our producers are bringing in that week! Our Mac and Cheese and our Ribs became so popular we make them regularly on Friday’s. People now look forward to Friday just for that reason and we don’t blame them! As far as dishes that didn’t do so well, we feel like we have created an expansive and diverse menu to suit everyone’s taste. Just because someone didn’t care for the dishes one day, doesn’t mean we lost them forever. That is the beauty of having a collaborative team with the ability to truly create some magic!

All of our dishes have found a customer to love them!


All kidding aside, the SpoonRocket team has an amazing meal matching program.  Can you expound on the program and how it works?

We are a social enterprise who believes no one should go hungry. We partner with the World Food Program USA through a meal-matching solution. For every meal that we sell, we also donate a meal to a child in need. While the meals are not SpoonRocket meals, we are providing food to those who have no other access. This is our global mission and we act locally too! We partner with BOSS (Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency) out of Berkeley. We donate our unsold meals to their shelter so SpoonRocket food gets a second life! We are always looking for ways that we can further our own community and beyond!


Ralph Waldo Emerson has been attribute to saying “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door…”  What do you think is your key to success for building a better delivery service?

Start brand new, remove all previously known conceptions of how food delivery should work. And start fresh on a blank slate focusing on the customer and the perfect experience for them. -AT


Every company wants to leave behind a legacy.  If you had one sentence, what would you want the legacy of SpoonRocket to read?

“To make cooking at home an obsolete and purely leisurely activity.” -AT

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