SheKnows: Mixing Metallics ….

I find that folks are fearful of a lot of things in design – color, pattern, texture and the list goes on and on.  But I am about to say something here that may get me in trouble but people……


There is seriously nothing to be afraid of….no one has died from the wrong sofa.  Countries were not decimated because the wrong shade of paint was chosen.  Marriages do not crumble because we used wool versus silk.  In the grand scheme of life, there are so many other things to be afraid and design should not be one of them.  Design should be fun and joyful.  Remember you are feathering your nest, not defusing a bomb.  If you are going to be afraid of something,be afraid of something truly scary … like clowns.  Seriously, clowns suck.  I apologize for anyone who is a professional clown but clowns scare the bejeezus out of me.  So I understand if you had a design consultation with a clown and that scarred you — then I totally get your fear of design.  Otherwise, design isn’t that scary.

Just ask Krista Coupar.  You may remember Krista from the profile we did on her business a few months ago.  Well I had the opportunity to shoot her dining room and let me tell you…this lady isn’t afraid.  She mixes florals, colors and metals with abandon.  I was so inspired that I dedicated my column this month to her joyful approach to design and how she mastered mixing various metals without making it look like a junk shop….





In this month’s column, I give tips on how to effortlessly mix metals like Krista and some quick pointers on where to start!  So don’t be afraid of the shiny, the glittery or the glistening because I have you covered.  Well  unless it’s on a clown…then my friends, you are on your own!

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