Concept Sneak Peak: Mare Island Nursery ….


Finalizing details for each of the rooms for the Blu Homes Mare Island project.  One of the rooms I am most excited about is the nursery.  I rarely get to design children’s spaces, so it’s a hoot to go a bit wild and have fun.  Here is a sneak peek at the inspiration board…. The […]

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Motivational Tuesday: Energy …


Sorry for the late post — blogging from Asia as proven to be more difficult than I thought….but here it is! As I get older, I realize that energy is a commodity.  I have wasted it worrying about things out of my control.  I have squandered it on futile quests.  I have abused it on […]

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Monogram Decor on 7× ….


It is always gratifying to see your work being appreciated!  Our “Hollywood in Piedmont” project is up on 7× …. It’s a little mid-century, a little Hollywood regency but 100% awesome!  Check out the full house tour on 7× Happy Friday!!! Sure thing, there are numerous matters you have to consider about drugs. You can […]

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Blu Home Mare Island Project…


I have been hinting at a big project I have been working on for the last few weeks and I can finally let the cat out of the bag.  I am excited to say that I have officially partnered with Blu Homes, a leader in prefab and green construction.  As part of this partnership, I […]

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Taking a Plane ….


There is never a “right” time for a vacation it seems.  Actually in my case, planning vacations seem to attract work.  The last THREE vacations I have booked all have been canceled, modified or cut-short due to work.  Without fail, a large project always seems to prevail itself as soon as I click the “book” […]

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Libation Celebration: Pink Heat …


The last seven days have firmly placed me on my butt.  From personal grief to work woes to friends in turmoil, everything has hit at once and I can say without a doubt that I need a drink.  Actually for my friends in Detroit and in Atlanta, that would be a drank…. Fortunately, I have […]

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Motivational Monday: Coming Clean …


I initially started Motivational Mondays as a simple way to ease into the week on the blog.  However, since launching the new blog I have struggled with what to write on Mondays.  And then it struck me that I missed Motivational Mondays because it gave me a way to synthesize what was happening in my […]

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Interior Design Camp Give Away ….


I firmly believe that every professional needs to seek “continuing education” in some form as part of their professional development.  Doctors need a certain number of classroom hours to stay licensed.  Chefs regularly stage (aka work for free) under culinary experts to learn skills throughout their careers.  As for designers, well  I know they say […]

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Making My Bed On …


I don’t make my bed every morning.  I didn’t do it as a kid and I don’t do it as an adult.  Rolling out of bed is hard enough for me without thinking about making my bed afterwards.  Here is a little known fact about me:  I am tremendously lazy when it comes to house […]

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