Motivational Mondays: Hard Work …


The last month, I have pushed myself to a limit that I didn’t know I possessed.  I have dug deep.  Worked hard.  Plumbed to new depth of professional and personal growth.  It is emotionally gratifying to see that my work is officially paying off, that people I admire see me as a peer and clients financially respect the effort I put into their projects.

It’s an amazing time for me and I am exhausted.

The price of being energized is being tapped out it seems.  I have two more pushes to get through by the end of the month: a photo shoot for an exciting project in Los Angeles and a fun work trip to New York to walk ICFF as part of BlogTour NYC .

So again bear with me as I continue to find my balance with work.  The blog has always been a labor of love and will continue to be so but with so many opportunities coming my way (many that pay the bills), I have had to place some things on the back burner until I get additional help and support.

Thanks for bearing with me and stay tuned!



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  1. Shannon Jun 4 2014 at 11:45 am #

    Are you kidding me with your Rue feature????????? That model is amazing {and the Blu home isn’t bad either ;) Seriously, I am so proud of you!!! The home looks amazing — excellent job, my friend!!!

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