Motivational Mondays: First Times…..

There are days when I am a huge “skerdy cat” about life and I  let my fears cloud my judgement.  To say that I worry is an understatement.  With the amount of energy I consume worrying, I could power a small city.  Being afraid is exhausting.  It robs you of experiences.  It is lethal to relationships.  Fear is the killer of dreams and ambitions.  Sometimes you need to be reminded that taking that “first” is well worth the anxiety and discomfort experienced.

When I saw this video below, I cried.  I know it’s a long form commercial for Vodafone, but the two protagonist in the video touched my heart.  Their fear gave way to joy.  That joy took them on an adventure of a lifetime. Watching the video, I was viscerally struck by their happiness and excitement…..



But aside from being excited, it made me think…..”what am I missing out on because of my own fear?”  What “firsts” am I not experiencing?  What aspects of my self am I not exploring or discovering because I am not taking chances?  At one point or another, everything in life is a “first” and then we get comfortable and often times stop trying.  Thanks to two sweet little ladies from the Netherlands, I am inspired for adventure.

I guess it’s true, you are never too old to learn…..

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  1. Catherine Apr 14 2014 at 7:38 pm #

    I love this video and I love your candor Courtney! We all have fears and our fears do hold us back. Sometimes it’s a matter of taking that first baby step.
    This was a much needed message for me as well today. I am held back by fears – public speaking amongst others. So I joined a Toastmasters style public speaking group – baby step one. Gave my first speech last week – baby step two.
    Adventure on Courtney adventure on…

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