Motivational Monday: Remembrance…..

Last week I had the opportunity to write a piece for the FOLK Magazine blog about men’s fashion. It would have been easy to write a breezy piece about some emerging designer or gush over some trendy accessory but I felt the need to talk about one of my own fashion idols, my Grandfather. Always stylish, always put together and always a rule breaker, whether it be in fashion or life. He was a constant source of inspiration on how a gentleman should carry himself in public and I found that his influence molded not only how I dress myself but how I interact with others.


Style, like life, is all about figuring out the pieces of the puzzle. Like the picture above, we affix labels on where things should go, what goes with what and what is acceptable. But that is it – aside from those constructs, we get to decide how to fill those blank spaces in. That is the beauty of the process and the journey we each are on. We each get to decide how to to fill those spaces with memorable moments – snapshots of a live well lived, well loved and well traveled.

So this week I ask you to remember those who inspired you; mentors, teachers or in my case, family and think about why they motivated you. Remember where they “broke the rules” because it was during those moments I am sure they showed you a different path and a way to move past the confines you thought existed.

Remembering the past can give you direction for your future……

Have a great week!

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