Motivational Tuesday: Energy …


Sorry for the late post — blogging from Asia as proven to be more difficult than I thought….but here it is!

As I get older, I realize that energy is a commodity.  I have wasted it worrying about things out of my control.  I have squandered it on futile quests.  I have abused it on silly tasks.  Being on vacation has been eye-opening because I find myself much more reserve on wasting time and energy now than when I am at work.  Maybe because I know I am here for a finite time but I am way more judicious with doling it out than when I am trudging away in the office.

And it has me thinking that maybe it is time for a purge of all the time sucks in my life.  Those little things & habits that take you down the rabbit hole only to find yourself hours later wondering where the day went and angry.  It’s time to put my energy towards solutions that free up my time.  So as I enter this second week away, I am going to focus on taking this lesson and applying it to my every day life…..

[photo credit: courtney lake]

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