Making My Bed On …

I don’t make my bed every morning.  I didn’t do it as a kid and I don’t do it as an adult.  Rolling out of bed is hard enough for me without thinking about making my bed afterwards.  Here is a little known fact about me:  I am tremendously lazy when it comes to house cleaning.  I will side step laundry, ignore dirty dishes and write my name in the dust on my console.  Yet, if a photo shoot is involved, I will be on my hands and knees with a roll of tape picking up lint from the rug.  It’s an odd dichotomy but one I have come to accept as one of my unique quirks.

But I have to say that my most recent SheKnows story may have me second guessing my dislike of bed making.  This month, we teamed up with bedding and linens company, Crane and Canopy to give tips and examples on how to freshen up your bedroom for Spring.  But we didn’t give you one example….we gave you THREE!  We pulled three different looks for the same space using Crane and Canopy bedding…….




In the story, we tell you on where to find inspiration in your own home as well as tips on how to care for those beautiful linens once you have made a decision!  I have a favorite color story from this article but am curious to know what your favorite set-up is from this piece!

I may or may not have splurged on new bedding since this shoot….who knows I may be a changed man and make my bed.

Nah – but least my bedding will be a beautiful mess!

Big thanks to Jesse Dresbach for  his help on shoot day – your schlepping skills are legendary sir! And lest I forget, thank you to Dana Smith for letting us play in her beautiful home for a day to shoot the space!

[photo credit: photo by adza]


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