Inspirational Monday: Loss….

Last week weighed heavy with loss – the passing of my Aunt and the grief I felt over the Connecticut shootings sat on my chest like a school yard bully. I felt immobilized – unable to function….the smallest thing seemed to paralyze me with fear. I was like this for rest of the week. I searched for answers and was left with more questions. I talked to one of my mentors and he wisely pointed out that I was “hoarding” time. By making no decisions, I was prolonging experiences, even the mundane ones, in an attempt to stop the hurt I was feeling. He sent me the Walter Anderson quote above and said “you need to grief but you need to live. Your life and your actions today can’t bring back the dead, but they can affect the living…”

While my heart is heavy, I realize that life is a cycle with only one destination that none of us can avoid. As for those who spurn the gift and take it away from others, we have the power today to change their course. So I ask each of you speak your mind, speak your peace, speak your heart to ensure senseless acts of violence like the one our nation just witnessed don’t happen again.

So today, live your life ……

Today I am back to the grind and looking forward to see what this week brings. Have a GREAT week!

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