Guess Who is Teaching An Interior Styling Class …

I am so excited to have partnered up with Handcraft Studio School to teach an interior styling course called “It’s All In the Details“.  Leading a course on this topic has been something I have mulled over the last year or so simply because so many of my clients have asked for this specific type of help.  Don’t get me wrong, styling is a large part of my business but I also know that not everyone can afford my services on a regular basis which is why I want to teach this course.

Here is a synopsis of the class ……


“I’m afraid of making a mistake,” is the single most common phrase uttered by my clients seeking my assistance in decorating their homes.  Making your house into a home should be a joy and fun filled process but more often than not, people are filled with dread over making the “wrong choice”.   I am here to tell you that more times than not, “the wrong choice” is the right but it has not been styled appropriately.  Design is about layers and styling with the correct accessories often turns flat rooms into dynamic and dimensional spaces.  As a professional stylist and decorator, I am here to tell you that achieving that magazine-ready space isn’t as hard or scary as you would think.  The key to winning styling is understanding basic principles of math, color and being confident enough to allow your own unique personality to shine in your space.  

During this class, attendees will be exposed to a variety of scenarios they may encounter in their own home from furniture, art placement, choosing the right lighting sources and styling vignettes.  In addition, attendees will be given a set of guidelines that will make styling their spaces stress free and perhaps dare we say….fun.  Attendees are encouraged to come to the class with pictures and questions about their own spaces for our design professional to tackle.

Class space is limited to 20 people to make sure we have time to answer any Q & A that may arise during the class.  Tickets are $25 and can be purchased online at the Handcraft Studio School site.  It will be a fun two-hour experience; talking, laughing and potentially wine…..well at least for me since I will be the one standing in front of a room full of people!

Hope to see you there!

[photo and styling: courtney lake for in bed with hd buttercup]

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