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One of the strongest impressions I have growing up with siblings were their Legos. They were EVERYWHERE it seemed…..the stairs, the dining table, under the couch, simply where ever you looked you were bound to find a Lego. I thought of them as a child’s version of a land mind….I still have the indentation on the heel from where I stepped on one late at night going to use the bathroom so when I said “impression” I wasn’t kidding!

So this month when it came to writing my SheKnows.com column, I opted to focus on giving tips and advice on how an active family can get their homes ready for the school season and beyond…….


I cover tips on how to create a “take-off/landing strip” in your home, organizing your home office and easy ways to incorporate children’s toys into your decor. Not only was it a fun column to write, I had to chance to shoot in a home I have long admired. I have been enamored with the light filled home of Oakland-based architect Mike Pitler for some time, but then I am bias…..he built our home as well! But nonetheless, it as a treat to have Mike, Rachel and their two adorable boys open their home to me and my photographer to shoot.

And if you must know, I did step on a Lego or two during shooting :) Some things never change…….

[photography: kirsten tamme//styling: courtney lake]

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