Colored Refrigerators …..


It’s what pops into my head when I think about my San Jose Kitchen project.  The Clients are old friends of mine who enlisted Monogram to help them revamp their kitchen with an emphasis on color.  And let me stress, this couple is not afraid to let their inner CMYK run wild which is refreshing.  As it usually stands, I am normally the lone voice begging clients to include more color in their space.  Now the role is reversed and I am pushing the Clients to do less color in their kitchen.  Yes my friends, I am pushing for less color in a space.

Clutch the pearls.  Grab the smelling salts.  Call the authorities.

But I have logic to my madness.  The Clients have asked that the new kitchen have a Latin vibe that fuses a little bit of Spain with a touch of Old World with a healthy dose of fun. This could easily veer down a very ugly path where the final space ends up with a Mexican tacqueria vibe.  I am not certain on many things in life, but I know no one yearns for a kitchen that reminds them of Chevy’s Mexican Restaurants.  Instead, I am aiming for what I am calling New Latina Cucina – slightly feminine, colorful with a neutral base which allows us to have fun with things like a new refrigerator….

monogram-decor-courtney-lake-interior-design-colored refridgerators-1



Don’t the remind you of  Skittles?  Honestly, this is the rainbow I am tasting, then sign me up!  I am absolutely inspired by this project and excited to see where it leads me.  I am finding that more often then not, where I start a project in my head is rarely where it ends up at in reality….so it will definitely be interesting to see where New Latina Cucina takes me!

Adios amigos!

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One Response to Colored Refrigerators …..

  1. Seraphina Mar 25 2014 at 6:15 am #

    Good Lord, I hope they go for the yellow refrigerator. It would be like getting food out of the sun.

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